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We are changing... The Multicraft control panels have been recoded incorrectly and we are going to change to an even easier control panel where you can turn on and off the server with a flick of one button. It's that simple! Just login or signup on the 'Control Panel' page and start from there, today!
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Recent News

3/16/2013 - We've been doing some much needed maintenance to the system, and because of this, logins were a little slow yesterday. But rest assured the system maintenance is done for now! And has allowed us to do numerous backend improvements to make the system more reliable. Keep your eyes out for more frontend improvements over the coming weeks! Read On

2/11/2013 - So much has happened since the begining of the new year! We have integrated many improvements to the system as a whole, and we have updated all of the servers for the newest 1.4.7 Minecraft release! And a landmark was hit today, 100,000 users! I'd like to thank all of you for your continues support! Read On

12/23/2012 - A great deal of additions have been added to FreeMinecraftHost over the past few weeks! We have the introduction to a second free server! Now up to 200 people can have their minecraft server running at the same time! We also have updated to the newest Minecraft version 1.4.6 to ensure that all of you will be able to play Minecraft during this holiday season! Happy Holidays!... Read On

12/08/2012 - All 24/7 servers will now be hosted on a new dedicated server! This dedicated server will stay up all the time, and only 24/7 users have access to it! Allowing all you 24/7 users to always have your server running! Once you buy the 24/7 upgrade now, it will transfer your Minecraft server... Read On

11/22/2012 - Check out our black friday sale at the upgrades page! Where Triple Players, and Custom Plugins are 50% off!... Read On 11/16/2012 - Servers are now updated to a development build of CraftBukkit 1.4.4 so that everyone can still enjoy and play over the weekend!... Read On

10/31/2012 - With the new release of Minecraft 1.4.2, has updated to be able to support the new Minecraft! Just start your server like usual and you should be greeted with a brand new server running 1.4.2!... Read On

8/23/12 - Hello fellow FreeMinecraftHost users! To show you our dedication to providing this free service we have done two new things! First is we've upgraded the server to hold 60 Minecraft Servers! And second is we have a new upgrade! Adventure Map! Where you get to choose between... Read On

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