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Frequently asked Questions

Is this really free? Why are you doing this?

Well, that's a simple one, it is 100% free, we operate on advertisments and donations, in order to provide a free experience for everyone who wants to play Minecraft. The reason I started is because it was always so hard for my friends to setup a server, and it ruined the SMP experience, so I created this, so that no one would ever have to deal with it again.

Why do we have to pay for extra features such as Double Players, and Custom Plugins?

Without the upgrades, would not be able to pay for the dedicated server that hosts all of the Minecraft servers, and a dedicated server that can hold 40 Minecraft servers is not cheap.

Why is the nether disabled by default?

My default the nether is disabled, this is because alot of people will use the service, but never actually go into the nether, causing us to use up precious disk space on the dedicated server. For those of you who want the nether enabled, please send in a support ticket on the Help tab and we will!

I just upgraded but havn't received my upgrade yet.

As of right now, upgrades are not automatic, and can take up to 24 hours during regular business days to process, so please wait atleast 24 hours before sending in a ticket!
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