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All 24/7 servers will now be hosted on a new dedicated server! This dedicated server will stay up all the time, and only 24/7 users have access to it! Allowing all you 24/7 users to always have your server running! Once you buy the 24/7 upgrade now, it will transfer your Minecraft server to the new dedicated server, and then in your User Panel it will tell you your new IP address. So what are you waiting for? Get your dedicated slot now! Upgrade here!
Check out our black friday sale at the upgrades page! Where Triple Players, and Custom Plugins are 50% off!
Servers are now updated to a development build of CraftBukkit 1.4.4 so that everyone can still enjoy and play over the weekend!
With the new release of Minecraft 1.4.2, has updated to be able to support the new Minecraft! Just start your server like usual and you should be greeted with a brand new server running 1.4.2! Enjoy!
Hello fellow FreeMinecraftHost users! To show you our dedication to providing this free service we have done two new things! First is we've upgraded the server to hold 60 Minecraft Servers! And second is we have a new upgrade! Adventure Map! Where you get to choose between 4 different adventures map to be put on your server! You get to even select them from your Control Panel! The four adventure maps up as of now are Survival Island, Sky block survival, Hunger Games, and Grid World! And more will be added!
Thanks for hanging in there guys! We are finally fully updated to the latest build of Minecraft 1.3! This means tons of cool new features that you get absolutly FREE with your server! Like the new villiger trading! Or tripwire, and a whole new array of blocks! So create an account and log on to your brand new 1.3 server! Want some cool new plugins for your 1.3 server? Check out the Upgrades page and get the Custom Plugins upgrade! Great plugins can be found at! Thanks everyone!
We are truly amazed at how many people have joined, Over 3,000 members! So many things are going on! We are running a review rewards program and we have upgraded the server to handle 40 servers. Along with this we have also added the option to upgrade to a Tekkit server for a one time payment of $10, a true steal compared to all of those other hosts out there! Thank you once again everyone for your support!
The last two weeks have been nothing short of amazing! We hit over 2,000 users on Friday, along with over 30,000 logins on Saturday! And with servers being maxed out at 20/20 so often, we are upgrading the RAM on the dedicated server within the week! We will then be able to hold 40 servers at a time no problem! This should hold us over again for a bit :) So because of the upgrade we need all the help we can get with donations! So head on over to the uprgades page and upgrade your server to your hearts content! ---->Upgrades page
Today was one of the most successful days we've ever had on! We have gone over 1,300 users, and our site is looking more and more professional each day! The Upgrades page has been re-done to look more professional, and we now have the forums up! And on top of that, we had just about 2k page views today! (1,967 as of right now, still got 20 minutes!) So please signup for the forums and join in on all the fun! :)
As of today, all of is secured using SSL from both AlphaSSL and RapidSSL, for those of you who don't know SSL is HTTPS:// and it protects all of the information transfered between your web browser and the server! It was fun to setup and gave me a great sense knowing I was helping to protect everything even more! I hope you guys are still enjoying the service! Keep spreading the word, and follow us on twitter @FreeMCHost
Earlier today we hit 1,000 registered Users on FreeMinecraftHost, And we payed the bill for a second month now :D That's right! We're staying alive! So please keep donating, we need to prepare for next month!
Another coding day everyone! I've gotten the Running Servers page back up and also the Upgrades page! Check them out everyone!
Today we faced some troubles with the frontend of the site, and I had to recreate the entire frontend! I decided to drop wordpress, so the site hopefully looks even better with its new custom style!
We hit 500 users today! And thanks to jwnordquist for his amazing help with optimizing the servers, so now we can host 20 at a time instead of 10!! This mean more fun! and More traffic! So donate to make sure you keep your spot!