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Want more features? What about twice the players? Or plugins? Or custom maps? Head on over to the Upgrades Page to get all of those amazing features and more!

If you have any problems upgrading, e-mail [email protected]!

One Time Payment!

Triple Players - $10.00

Minecraft Username
For growing servers! Get 12 player slots!

Custom Plugins - $10.00

Minecraft Username
Take your server to the next level with custom plugins of your choosing! Essentials, WorldGaurd, WorldEdit, Any plugin!

Adventure Map - $5.00

Minecraft Username
The brand new adventure map upgrade allows you to select between some of the greatest Adventure Maps for your Minecraft Server such as Hunger Games, Survival Island, Grid World, and Sky Block Survival!

Tekkit Server - $10.00

Minecraft Username
Have you ever heard of Tekkit? Well it is an amazing singleplayer/multiplayer mod for minecraft that adds things like solar panels, generators, and did I mention Nukes!

Custom Maps - $5.00

Minecraft Username
The ability to upload any map you want to play on! Maybe a survival island map? You bet! Or the Hunger Games!

Double Players - $5.00

Minecraft Username
4 Player slots not enough? For only $5 get 4 more! To have upto 8 players on at a time! Great for starting your community!

Monthly Payment

24/7 - $10.00

Minecraft Username
Do you want your server to stay on all the time no matter what? So that even when you're not there, your players can still get on? Well then this is for you! for $10 a month your server will always be on!

Double RAM - $10.00

Minecraft Username
Need more RAM for speed? Maybe you have a HUGE plugin, or maybe you want even MORE players, well for $10 a month, Double your RAM to 512MB! You probably will NEED this if you want large plugins.

How to Donate

1. Choose the upgrade you would like above!.
2. Type in your Minecraft Username, and then hit buy now!
3. Then just follow through the usual PayPal Payment process and you are good to go!

Need any help? Post a ticket here and someone will help you :)

All upgrades can take up to 24 hours to process! And are non-refundable! Purchasing an upgrade does not mean you'll be able to use your server when the slots are full, unless you purchase the 24/7 Upgrade.